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Family of Entertainers - Storytellers

 Michael Perry  (The World's Smallest Giant)


Can you remember hearing the stories about "Jack and the Beanstalk" and the giant who lived in the clouds?  Now, you can hear the giant tell the story.  Michael Perry is the "World's Smallest Giant."  After all, he's only human.





A big fellow with a big heart who can tell a variety of stories to a variety of "kids" ... big and little.  He's our secret weapon.  Michael Perry can intrigue anyone with his storytelling abilities.  He's also a librarian in real life.  And he built this website!




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Katherine Kidd
(Mother Nature or Fractured Fairy Godmother)

You must trust Mother Nature.  We trust you will enjoy Katherine Kidd's storytelling...whether in a school, daycare or private party.  Mother Nature has the wonderful ability to bring back your childhood stories to today's children. 



Fractured Fairy Godmother can be just as personable.  Katherine can also create a Vintage Clothes Tea Party for your little ones.  Ask us about it!  Magical Trunks filled with clothes, makeup, jewelry and real demitasse teacups for 4 to 10 year olds.  (10 person total)


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Tina Riddle



Tina is a wonderful children's entertainer.  Her magic show is perfect for children's parties, family events and picnics.  Tina's stories come from around the world and are sure to please both children and adults alike. 





She is also a skilled face painter, air brush face painter and balloon sculpturer.  Her clown character, "Twynkle-T Clown" is low make-up and non-threatening to smaller children.  She can also come to your event as a magician or a fairy princess.




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