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Library Program Listings

1. THE WATER SHOW: This is the most popular and most requested FamilyTime Entertainment summer show year in and year out! All ages (including adults) will remember the great fun, magic, and laughter this program provides. Most clients who book this show, book it every year! This program is performed outside. A water hose at the show site, two staff members to be in show and get wet with their clothes on, and the children in swim wear are the show’s requirements. Don Miller or Paul Odenwelder or Taylor Knapp.

2. Zeus, Poseidon & Percy: A Tribute to Percy Jackson: It all started with a dream, at least that's what Percy Jackson thought. The roller coaster ride was just beginning for a nice enough middle school guy with ADHD and some dyslexia thrown in to complicate his already weird life. Five books and a major movie later, Percy Jackson books fly off the shelves in libraries. And Don Miller is just the right guy to do justice with this great TRIBUTE SHOW.

3.   Barry Rice: It's simple, the kid that lived at the end of the block and studied math and magic has grown up and WOW! He has become one of the talented magicians in the Midwest. Barry's act flows from gentle humor to mind numbing illusions, then to simple impossible feats - not this you normally see on stage!!

4. What's That Sound Music Show: Paul Odenwelder loves music. His enthusiasm is infectious and kids and adults alike are amazed at his musical skills. Soon they are eagerly wishing they could make music, too. This new program starts by showing many ways to make sounds and when you put those sounds together correctly, you can make music. Then the fun begins!

5. The Father Goose Show: Mother Goose is well known for fairy tales and nursery rhyme; but Father Goose (Paul Odenwelder) tells and sing them stories and nursery rhymes his own special way. Both children and adults are charmed and amused as the fun begins.

6. SNAKES ALIVE! with Snakehead Ed Ferrer: Ed Ferrer is an award winning middle school teacher who left his profession early to devote his time to educating and entertaining children and adults with SNAKES ALIVE!

7. Jack Owens as Santa!: Jack Owens really is Santa. We have been keeping it a secret for years from everyone. But if you request a visit, you too will know that Jack Owens is SANTA!

8. Old Trunk Magic Show with Don Miller: We've checked the files, asked our clients, and even looked in a sock drawer ... twice. We found that Don Miller did his first professional show in 1971!!! Don can't remember all of the different shows and event that he's developed over the years, but he does remember some of the children's favorites tricks from years gone by - thus the Old Trunk Magic Show.

9.   THE MAGIC SCIENCE SHOW: Comedy-Magician Don Miller brings his humor, magical skills, and his science knowledge to this program and proves that both magic and science are truly amazing. This program has a lot of audience participation.

10. THE SAFETY FIRST SHOW: At FamilyTime Entertainment we care about children. We do not want them hurt or harmed in any way. We’ve researched the areas where education can help teach children how to stay out of harm’s way. This educational show also provides fun, laughter, magic, and knowledge with a lot of audience participation.

11. TRIBUTE to DR. SEUSS: This program features comedy-magician Don Miller in a funny, magical, and historic tribute to the author. From “Green Eggs and Ham” to “Mr. Brown Can Moo! Can You!”; it’s a wonderful program that even adults will enjoy.

12. PUPPET PLAY TIME SHOW: Fact—Children love to see puppets! This very funny, fast paced, and audience participation show features hand puppets, finger puppets, ventriloquist puppets, and marionettes. The children gather around the puppeteer to see which puppet Magic Don Miller will pull out of his big red box. Appropriate for pre-kindergarten through 2nd grade.

13. THE OPPOSITES SHOW: The opposites show with magician Don Miller, is designed to teach children from ages 2 1/2 through 5 years of age all about opposites. Magic Don uses humor, combined with lots of magic, stories, and audience participation, to make this show the opposite of bad … GOOD!

14. TRIBUTE to HARRY POTTER SHOW: Don Miller performs as Professor Phenias James Chucklemoor who is a wizard and is looking for children that think they might be magical—just like the wonderful Harry Potter. This show tests the audience about Harry Potter’s adventures, provides great magic and humor, and explores other great, legendary “WIZARDS” of history.

15. THE MONEY SHOW: Money dominates our society more than any other thing. Yet, handling money and using good financial practices is a skill that is often overlooked and rarely taught. This program examines the origins of money and provides sound financial advice to educate children about financial literacy using magic and humor with lots of audience participation!

16. MUSICIAN, SONG WRITER, & STORY TELLER PAUL ODENWELDER PROGRAMS: When Paul Odenwelder starts to play a song, his voice and guitar intertwine and create a very magical experience. Paul’s programs are a sure hit with children & adults. HEROES & LEGENDS of AMERICA: It’s about stories; it’s about songs; it’s funny & has lots of audience participation. Paul sings the songs and tells the stories of Davy Crockett, Paul Bunyan, John Henry, and many others in this fast-paced program.
THE FUNTYME MUSIC SHOW: It just plain fun for children pre-K through 2nd grade. THE FUNTYME CHRISTMAS MUSIC SHOW: It has music, it has audience participation, it's funny -- Paul plays the songs of the season for this great show!
THE PIRATE SHOW: It has magic, it has music, and it’s about the Pirates of the Caribbean. So come along “MATEY” and enjoy the show.
THE FIRE SAFETY SHOW: The songs, the humor, and the educational experiences of this program teach children all about fire safety!

17. THE SEA HORSE SHOW: Don Miller brings the show that FamilyTime wrote and performed for the Tennessee Aquarium in Chattanooga in 2003– 2007 for their Sea Horse Exhibit grand opening to your event! It’s funny, magical, and has children and adults on stage to help Magic Don teach and explain the world of Sea Horses.

18. THE MARC THOMAS and MAX the MOOSE SHOW: “IF YOU GIVE A MOOSE A BOOK” Marc is fabulous singer, songwriter & ventriloquist. His puppet buddy MAX is a huge “laugh out loud” hit with kids. Together, they celebrate some all-time favorite children’s books and introduce some new reading choices in this concert / comedy program. Marc encourages lots of audience participation with his many songs and brings MAX to life for this fast-paced MOOSICAL Experience!

19. Comedy-Magician DON MILLER SHOW: Don Miller has been entertaining children from three to ninety-three for over thirty years. It all started with the Cub Scout Book of magic; and everyone is still laughing and amazed at his wonderful antics.

20. THE PIRATES SHOW with PAUL ODENWELDER: "Ahoy, landlubber, this is a great grand show for learnin' about the world of pirates. Aye, with Captain Squiffy Paul O, me hearty matey, brings the sweet trade to life for young lasses and lads. This show makes the Golden Age of Pirates come to life. Paul's pirate clothes, the set with mast complete with the Jolly Roger Flag and sail, ropes and tackle, water barrel, treasure chest with golden doubloons, and ship's wheel, all set the scene for this grand adventure. Pirate Paul Odenwelder, tells the tales and sins the song of the Pirates. Then everybody discovers through the clues uncovered during the show the that real treasures are Books and Reading !!!!

21. THE INCREDIBLE DINOSAUR SHOW—with Comedy—Magicians Don Miller or Eric Rose: Everyone seems to be fascinated by Dinosaurs. Kids and scientists agree that dinosaurs are incredible! This funny, magical, educational show is filled with magic and great information for all audiences.

22. THE FUN FOOD SHOW: It’s whacky, it’s funny, and it’s all about food! Great for children of all ages with comedy-magician Don Miller.

23. THE WHACKY-LYMPICS SHOW: It’s a magic show! It’s a relay race! It’s whip cream in your face! It’s very, very whacky! And this show is tailor-made for kids and their parents to attend and participate together for this special Parent’s Day Event!

24. THE PRESIDENTS of the UNITED STATES SHOW: Comedy-Magician Don Miller brings his talents to the children (and adults) using comedy, stories, magic, costumes and props as this program educates everyone about our Presidents and the office of the Presidency!

25. CHRIS CAMP—Master of the Bull Whip Show:
Chris Camp is truly the WHIP GUY and is the 2007 & 2005 World Champion. Chris’s daring high energy show is filled with stunts, a bit of history and physics, along with a touch of humor. Chris recently appeared on the Jay Leno Tonight Show and travels across the country.

26. EXPLORING the WORLD of CHIMPANZEES PROGRAM: Everyone has an interest in chimpanzees. Maybe it’s because off all the animals, chimpanzees are most like humans. This program introduces the audience to chimps in a fun and interactive way. It uses lots of magic, volunteers, and silly memorable skits to educate everyone about chimpanzees. This show was written for the Jane Goodall Exhibit at the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis.

27. COLORS & NUMBERS & MAGIC! OH MY! SHOW: This show is designed for 2 year olds through kindergarten. It features special participation magic tricks which encourages learning and reinforcement of colors, numbers, movement, and social interaction skills (teamwork). Children participate in every trick with Magic Don Miller.

28. THE MAGIC WORDS SHOW: Children two through kindergarten will learn that Please & Thank You are not the only MAGIC WORDS. There are lots of magic words in books, on signs, on television, and in the movies. Excuse me! Pardon Me! I like you! May I play with your toy! Abracadabra!

29. WILD TALES: It is not really an animal show. But children two years old through kindergarten will love comedy-magician Don Miller’s rendition of such stories as “Where the Wild Things Are”. Children get to dress up and interact with the puppet friends that Magic Don brings to the show!

30. THE WORLD’S SMALLEST GIANT STORY TIME SHOW with Michael Perry: Michael Perry is a wonderful story teller. He’s also a real librarian. His signature show portrays him as THE World’s Smallest Giant! His Smallest Giant Story teaches everyone to accept the differences we find in each other. Michael even designs story time shows to meet your themes; such as Native American stories, Knights in Shining Armor stories, Fear Factor stories and fairy tales!

31. THE FUN with PAPER SHOW: Paper, paper—paper everywhere! Everyone will be amazed at what Comedy-Magician Don Miller can make with newspapers. From hats to planes, the audience will enjoy every minute—and get to keep some of the hats! Appropriate for children seven and older.

32.THE COMEDY & MAGIC of JEFF SIMMS SHOW: From Chicago & Nashville, Jeff Simms brings his wild antics, super magic skills, and his wacky personality to this show that will delight children of all ages. With lots of audience participation, Jeff Simms will amaze the audience. His ability to customize his show to meet many themes makes his performance extra special!

33. TINA RIDDLE PROGRAMS: She might be TWYNKL “T” CLOWN and tell Circus Stories / She might be DORA the EXPLORER’S best friend and do a tribute story time to Dora / She might be Jessie from Toy Story II and do stories from the Wild West / Tina’s Story Time themes are a sure hit with children from Pre– K to seven years old. Tina also does wonderful face painting, makes balloon art, and even hyena tattoos! She can combine her story times and do her artistic work to enhance the programs.

34. BALLOON SCULPTURE WORKSHOP: This hands-on workshop teaches children the art of making animals and characters from balloons. Children can take them home and show their parents what they have made! This workshop is for children ages seven and older and generally is limited to 25 children per session.

35. THE FACE PAINTING WORKSHOP: All of FamilyTime Entertainment's FACE PAINTERS are DISNEY TRAINED!!! That's why Katherine Kidd, Tina Riddle and all of the rest of FamilyTime's face painting crew provide an excellent experience for children ages seven and older in a workshop that instructs children in the art of face painting.

36. BE A MAGICIAN WORKSHOP: This hand-on workshop teaches children—ages seven and older—to actually be magicians and make their own tricks. They will actually be able to take the tricks home and perform them for their families and friends!

37. THE JOLI SHOW with MIME Jody Lynn Barth: Jodi truly brings out the performer in every child in the JOLI Show. This program features professional mime Jody Lynn Barth who entertains as JOLI with puppetry, whacky balloons, music, miming, and she actually puts her make-up on right in front of the audience!

38. BE A MIME WORKSHOP with Jody Lynn Barth: This hand-on workshop taught by professional mime Jody Lynn Barth, teaches school-aged children the ins & outs of being a mime. The workshop is approximately 45 minutes and Jodi actually performs as part of the workshop!

39. THE TROY ROARK COMEDY-JUGGLING SHOW: Troy Roark’s critically acclaimed program has been described as innovative and ingenious, as well as hilarious and a riot! For over twenty years, Troy Roark has performed all over the country for zoos, libraries, day cares, festivals, fairs, corporate events, and museums. He's sure to be a hit at your event!

40. THE BOO-RIFIC HALLOWEEN SHOW: Pumpkins! Black Cats! Ghosts! Boys & Ghouls! And a lot of amazing Halloween Magic, makes this FamilyTime Entertainment Show the perfect show for your Halloween Event. It’s full of magic, laughter, and audience participation and even teaches Halloween Safety Tips to make children’s Trick-or-Treating a safe and enjoyable event.

41. THE HOLIDAY SHOWCelebrating all of December’s Holiday, Religious, and Cultural Events: This show gets everyone in the holiday spirit with magic, audience participation, comedy, and stories that describe and educate all about the many December holiday events and traditions!

42. THE CHARLES DICKENS TRIBUTE SHOW: Don Miller comes to the program dressed in costume fro8 the days of Charles Dickens. Your audience discovers the Dickens stories, learns about Dickens trips to our country, and becomes appraised of all the details of Christmas celebrations in the days of Charles Dickens. OH! Did you know that Charles Dickens was a great magician!!!! Don Miller performs the actual magic tricks that Charles Dickens performed for his friends and family. (THIS SHOW CAN BE TAILOR MADE FOR PERFORMANCES FOR ANY TIME OF YEAR).

43. FamilyTime Entertainment’s BREAKFAST or LUNCH with SANTA CLAUS or the EASTER BUNNY EVENT! You can have Santa or the Easter Bunny at you Holiday Event. You can even have MRS. CLAUS attend with SANTA. We can also provide the appropriate holiday music to accompany the visit by Santa or the Easter Bunny. Just give FamilyTime a call!


44. READING IS MAGIC SHOW with ALLAN HEAD: Reading is one of the most important skills a person can attain. “Reading Is Magic” is a 45 minute show designed for K through 6th grade children to instill within them the important of reading. Comedy-Magician Allan head uses humor and magic to instill that knowledge is power, and reading really is magic!

45. KATHERINE KIDD’S STORY TIME: Katherine Kidd is a fantastic story-teller! She can appear as Fractured Fairy Godmother and perform fractured fairy tales. She can come to the event as Mother Nature and perform stories centered on nature, animals, and conservation. She can adopt the role of Miss Ruby from “Ruby Mae Has Something to Say” and fills the show with stories that inspire children to be the best they can be.


46. DREW the DOODLEY ZOINK PUPPET DRAWING SHOW with RICK MORRIS: Rick Morris is a very funny person. He has had several children’s television shows. Rick has a very special puppet friend. Rick is a fabulous ARTIST! Oh—So is Rick’s Puppet Friend DREW—DREW the DOODLEY ZOINK!

47. THE TRIBUTE to MARK TWAIN SHOW with Comedy-Magician DON MILLER: It’s funny, it’s magical, it’s educational, and it’s all about Writer & Humorist MARK TWAIN. Don comes to the event dress as a friend of Mark Twain. The stories, the famous quotes, and the story of Mark Twain’s fascinating life is portrayed to the audience.

48. COMEDY-JUGGLER DEREK DYE SHOW: Derek Dye has been performing for over twenty years for children, families, churches, libraries, day cares, and all over the United States. He’s a graduate of Ringling Brothers & Barnum & Bailey Circus, was the mascot for the Pittsburgh Pirates and the new York Mets, and one night baffooned with Dave Letterman on the Letterman Show. Whether it’s his children & family show, or his faith-based program, children from three to ninety three will love his antics!

49. COOKING UP FUN SHOW with JIM AUSTIN: Remember the food groups? Jim’s found several more! In this fun - interactive show about cooking, eating & fun! A microwave that cooks shoes! A machine that recycles bubble gum! Come and watch the fun!!!


50. THE PROFESSOR AND THE FIVE SENSES SHOW with Comedy-Magician DON MILLER: The Professor has done it again— he’s discovered the five senses! Don Miller brings his character, the funny and wacky Professor, to life in this very popular show that explores the five senses. The audience learns the facts about our ability to hear, see, touch, smell, and taste in his potable laboratory. This 45 minute program has different version that is suitable for libraries, day cares, youth groups, elementary schools, and family events with lots of audience participation. Call and Book the Show, & the fun will begin.

51. THE FAMILYTIME CIRCUS TROUBADOURS (Stilt Walkers, Jugglers, Fire Eaters, and Balloon Artists) : From ONE zany stilt-Walking performer to over THREE DOZEN, (you pick the number), this outrageous performing Troupe will add immense fun and zany antics to any event— from Parades, Outside Events, Festivals, Fairs, Fund— Raising Events, Field Days, and Celebrations; the FamilyTime Circus Troubadours will exceed all your expectations


52. DOCTOR EARTH CATCHES THE READING BUG with Comedy-Magician DON MILLER: When DR EARTH, Comedy-Magician Don Miller, starts this program, he promises to help each child to CATCH THE READING BUG! Dr. Earth first caught his own reading bug in first grade, and he’s had it ever since. This fun 45 minute show is full of audience participation, magic tricks, geography, humor and laugh-out-loud antics. Together, Dr Earth & the children learn that there are lots of places and ways to catch the reading bug— which will last a lifetime!


53. THE BLACK COWBOY SHOW with Actor MICHAEL H. SMITH: In 1865, after the American Civil War, One in every four Cowboys in the American West were African Americans. In the movies, Hollywood never portrayed the Wild West accurately. Michael H. Smith brings the world of the BLACK COWBOY to life in his engaging look at the heyday of the American Cowboy. In his first person presentation, you will meet Mathew Hooks, a Cowboy from Texas. He was a horse breaker, and he was a “remuda” man who took care of the horses of the cowboys on their many cattle drives. With stories and songs, you ride a long with Mathew Hooks and the REAL AMERICAN WEST!



54. JEFF KUNKEL— Musician Extraordinaire: Musician Jeff Kunkel has many wonderful musical talents. He specializes in music programs involving Jazz, Pop/Rock, Ethnic Music and Children’s Programs. His performances are varied— using the piano, keyboards, accordion, saxophone, flute, or clarinet— He also can become a one man band; He plays base parts with his left hand on digital keyboard, piano and multiple keyboard parts with his right hand, and all-the-while operates a rhythm machine with his foot. He truly sounds like a professional musical trio all by himself.



55. THE COMEDY-JUGGLER TROY ROARK— GLOW IN THE DARK JUGGLING SHOW: Physical Comedian Troy Roark has created a wonderful program where everything he juggles and introduces to the audience GLOWS IN THE DARK. It’s the perfect show for the Library Theme: BE CREATIVE @ THE LIBRARY. This show can be done only inside and the room must be able to shut out any natural or artificial light!!!!!


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